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    Best Websites To Hire Freelance Web Developers

    Freelance web developers work for certain projects or certain tasks. Hiring such developers is cost-effective and skilled, passionate web developers are available. With concise details regarding a project, freelance web developers provide excellent products or services. Web sites showcasing their best freelancers also show the specialty of each web developer. Choosing the appropriate employee becomes easier.

    Many web-based companies utilize freelancers for web design and development as well as content creation. Many very popular comparison and review sites utilize strictly freelance developers and writers to create the asset and content that it offers. Adult review site Hookup Dating Reviews is one such site, which utilized freelance developers for there entire site including their many pages of content from their Xmeets review to articles and blog posts. Here are a few websites which have excellent freelance web developers.

    Scalable Path: The freelancers in Scalable Path are tested and verified specifically with their skills. The English language is also tested for better communication. Once the requirement regarding a project is posted by an employer, the website automatically analyses the requirements. The selection of freelancers is based on their skills and the requirements match. The rigorous process selects either a team of developers or one developer. Many positive comments about the work of freelancers increase their experience and hence their engagement with employers.

    Toptal: Toptal is one of the best freelance websites for web developers works on a similar principle. The matching employers with the developers depend on skills and requirements. The charge for these developers is hourly based. Employers can choose a team of developers or a single developer for their projects. The prices are decent and affordable depending on the demand. The specialty of Toptal is managing developer and employer’s progress and making sure they are doing good. The management system is effective.

    4-X Team: Full-time developers who work daily are available in 4-X teams. The quality of the services is splendid. Depending on the requirement of the employer, the developers are provided in a team or single developer. However, this is strictly for a long-term basis. For quality work, it is known that an employee needs to work completely on one project. Because of the concept of concentration, it is still the topmost website for finding web developers.

    Gigster: For people new to hiring freelancers, Gigster is perfect. The managing teams in Gigster make sure of the work progress and other managing details. Any number of web developers from a small team to a large team is available. The charges for temporary projects can be high, as they charge the same for more work or less work. It only depends daily. Projects with tough challenges are taken seriously by web developers here. The passionate team always encourages everyone to pursue more.

    UpWork: Detailed information can be provided, to have a freelancer to work into details. There is a process to update information, requirements, the term of the project and relevant details. There is certainly competition for every post of job. This makes the process competitive and exciting. When a freelancer is selected, they have the satisfaction of achievement and thrive to work more on the job. This is an excellent way to engage with a freelancer and find a suitable one. However, it can be time-consuming and tiring. It is not suggestible for everyone who is looking for quick solutions or short-term freelancers. Sometimes, this method brings incredible results from freelancers.

    Staff: Known as Staff.com, it has made tremendous results with freelancers working on short term projects. They are working on making it suitable for long term projects. The affordability of this website attracts many employers looking for budget freelancers. There is no price for freelancers yet. There is an independent environment for both employer and employee in Staff. The work is based on an hourly basis. The freelancers are interviewed and hired on a trial basis, to decide on their permanent stay as a freelancer in Staff. Web developers are available for a short term basis and also mostly as one person. For larger projects needing a team, there are other websites available in the market.

    Stack Overflow: Stack overflow works on how an employer uses the website. For a regular person, stack overflow is one of the best. With time, experienced employers get extra services providing excellent freelancers. This needs regular involvement. For employers looking for long term freelancers can comfortably get along within Stack overflow. The prices here are decent. Both team and individual freelancers are available for hire. The same method goes for freelancers. After hiring them, each freelancer gets up-gradation with much work. Senior developers are available for leadership employer who hires regularly. This might not be comfortable for everyone on a practical basis. But Stack Overflow has trustworthy long-term employees and employers.

    Get A Coder: This has an interesting environment. There is a bid for every project you post on Get A Coder. This is a worldwide bid and prices can be low depending on the country. Hence, many find it budget-friendly. However, the freelancers here do not pass through a test or interview process. Finding a talented web developer depends on the employer. As many freelancers from developing countries get to earn extra, this platform can be a better option for small or easy projects which need basic time-consuming tasks at a minimal rate.

    Choosing a suitable website

    As the above details, each website has its specialty. No website has every positive aspect. While there is a perfect website, the prices are not optimal prices for everyone. The best way would be in analyzing the profiles of freelancers on the website. Depending on their experience and qualifications, it is possible to get connected with a suitable freelancer. Some employers also prefer interviewing them personally about the freelancer’s knowledge and work. Every project needs a unique quality. It is possible to choose the wrong web developer at times. However, with a keen observation of details, it is possible to at least find a decent freelancer whom you can train accordingly in long term projects. The leadership skills needed for the freelance team are different. As it will be for a limited time, the highest priority is given to the work progress and time. Most of the websites keep track of time or days, hence it becomes easy. As payment needs to be done irrespective of the quality of work, it is crucial to select the appropriate website and appropriate freelancer. Choosing freelancers on a worldwide level is also helpful in many cases, knowing their point of view or methods of solving an issue can be of much help at times.

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    Web Design and Web Development Compared

    Web Design and Web Development

    There are several websites which are different from one another, and it is the task of web developers who design these websites and make them functional to let the user gain better viewing experience. Every web developer is capable of designing unique websites with excellent layout features that grab the attention of users to visit their created websites again and again. Thus web design is nothing but the creativity of a computer programmer or graphic designer who can build outstanding web applications to meet their client-specific needs. Have a look at the web design vs. web development explained as they two are entirely different to perform jobs that are crucial to building an aesthetically pleasing and functional website with the invisible conception of coding? Hence it is the job of a web designer to take care of everything cosmetic like visual appearance, while a web developer must ensure the buttons, links, forms, navigation bars, and videos work correctly on the site. Let’s have a closer look what makes them different from each other.

    Here is the possible explanation to differentiate both from one another:

    1. The most obvious difference between both of them is that the web designers offer the users beautiful web interface to perform a visual or aesthetic job that is usable whereas the web developer is responsible for turning the beautiful image into a readable page that seems interesting to the visitors.
    2. A web designer is required to create and build graphical designs that work best for the website using designer software’s such as Adobe Photoshop to bring the layout and other visual elements happening on the site. For this, they should hold a bachelor degree in communication, computer science or graphic arts with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Whereas on the other hand, the Web Developers, on the other hand, take the website design to the next level behind the scene to transform it into a fully functional website.
    3. Very few people know that web design and web development both are different things and possess their features, for functionality. A Web designer maintains a first state of the art to illustrate what his website is all about with compelling designs and tools that attract users to visit whereas web development is the further thing that needs to process with coding and programming to make the website run successfully.
    4. A good Web designer who designs the website is more admired than a web developer as he is the person responsible for transforming his website pages into useful insights that the users find attractive and pulls most traffic to the site all possible through their number of visitors and customers. It is thus the art of designing, which decides how the website appears and functions when inserted good visual design as well as possess a deep understanding of user experience who strives to meet their client’s expectations whereas a web developer uses his coding skills or programming tools such as Java, HTML, or PHP to turns this web design functional on cloud and brings it back to digital life.
    5. A web designer has an eye to design the website, whereas web development is related to writing the actual coding and scripts that take any web design to get colorful and back to digital life. It is thus the web developers who focus and work on a strategy and tells us how a site works, how to perform an action on the site, and how the invisible things are working on the websites. Hence a web developer is treated as an asset to web designers who design the website and allows it to happen effectively without any bugs.

    Hence both have a symbiotic relationship with each other when they need to present their skills to complete a complex project. This relationship is the marriage of form and function. This collaboration also has implications for search engine optimization and site speed. This is especially important in competetive niches such as the adult niche with sex sites and hookup dating apps. Did you now find the most significant difference between both these worlds? If you want to learn more about them, then become a web designer or web developer to have a closer observation of what each one deal and design a website that is great on the cloud.


    Both web design and web development are closely related to creating a website that is functional to establish career paths, but they aren’t the same thing. However, the web designers who have basic knowledge of web designing or graphic arts need to implement development techniques, whereas the developer’s role is to enhance his created website to achieve a higher rate of performance and pull the traffic to earn profit which increases their sales and revenue. Though they are different if you notice both offer services in one package that attracts visitors and customers to approach them for the growth of their business. Both these types of designers are acknowledged for building complex websites as they team up with individual skills and capabilities to build robust, scalable and reliable websites that meet the expectations of clients and complete their project on time to reach their goal.

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    What is Minimalism in Web Design?

    Minimalism or simply deleting or minimizing the number of unwanted content which does not assist the work the user wants to do. To reduce the website to specific desired components, the designer must take both content and user interface under consideration.

    Several features define minimalism in web designing. One most common example of web designing includes language.

    Some defining elements of minimalism include:

    • Flat structure and compositions

    Purely digital representation of things is preferred over skeuomorphism. Minimalist UI designs are usually dull. Around 96% of sites were of flat form and structure.

    Flat designs are now mistaken as minimalistic designs. The general meaning of flat designs includes the icons and graphics in the interface, while the minimalist designs include the layout strategies.

    •   Exclusive color palette

    Colors play a vital role in attention-seeking. We don’t have to add any other graphic or icon to create any visual interest, as colors are most noticeable and overpowering. Monochromatic or using only one color design helps highlight the main plot and bring the theme to the limelight.

    • The number of elements is limited

    The details must not be limited to:

    1. Links provided
    2.  Items in the menu
    3. Graphics used
    4.  Lines wrote or provided
    5. Gradient
    6. Fonts and colors etc.

    The main agenda used here it to minimize and get rid of the content unless it’s absence proves to be dangerous.

    • The negative space is maximized

    When you delete any element, a void is created.

    That void is named white space or negative space. It is that empty area of the interface which is created after the removal of the objectionable content. Around 84% of the sample sites use this negative space. The negative space makes an impact on the interaction cost, resolution, etc. 

    •  Typography used dramatically

    Using larger and bold fonts imposes an impact on communicating.

    For more visually engaging, using typography dramatically proves to be a better option. Hence minimizes the use of graphics and icons and even solves our purpose. Using bold typography creates visual interest.

    • Larger background features

    Background images and videos are one of the best characteristics of minimalism in web designing. It is even the most debated topic.

    As people believe that it may distract the users from the actual topic of interest, but it even makes the content readable.

    Imposes a better impact on the user by adjusting the size of the image used.

    • The layout of grids

    Arranging the data in homogenous form linearly reduces or minimalizes the use of any other object as it makes the content useful by using it alone only.

    • Rounded graphics

    The use of circular or round graphics, in about 16% of sample sites helps in minimalism in web designing.

    •  The global navigation is hidden

    An approach of balancing the use of minimalism not only for minimalism alone will do you more good. Considering the specific site goals, one must first check the minimalistic feature and then apply it. Having an in-depth knowledge of minimalism is preferred to the web designers to get the maximum output. More examples of minimalism in web design can be found here