Center and Gallery Information

As the festival’s headquarters, the Center and Gallery:

  • sells festival admission packages and merchandise
  • provides ArtsFest information, and
  • exhibits works featured by artists selected to participate in ArtsFest’s Featured Exhibition
  • The SaratogaArtsFest Center and Gallery is located each year in downtown Saratoga Springs. However, the location of the Center and Gallery is dependent upon a local business donating their space during the festival. Since 2006, ArtsFest has successfully partnered with various local business in using their space.

    SaratogaArtsFest thanks the Golden Family, owners of 38 Van Dam Street, for the generous donation of gallery and office space for both the 2012 and 2013 festival. In addition, we humbly thank all of the local businesses that have supported SaratogaArtsFest by providing their business space for our Center and Gallery in years past. If you are interested in donating your space to ArtsFest for the 2014 festival, please contact